About Primoris

Other payment processors may claim that they service the insurance industry, but at Primoris, it is the only industry we serve. Why? First and foremost, it is in our DNA. Founded as an insurance “technology TPA”, Primoris Services is rapidly becoming the go-to choice for back-office support because quite frankly, we get it.

We understand the industry – and your customers – like no one else does.  We have decades of experience in the insurance industry, including the unique regulatory challenges that vary from state to state.

We understand the importance of offering multiple payment options to consumers, just as we understand that even a fraction of a penny per mailing or transaction can make a big difference to your bottom line.  When it comes to payment compliance and security, we are often our clients’ most trusted guide.  We bridge the knowledge gap between payment processing and insurance industry needs.  Primoris isn’t just a merchant processor for insurance companies, we are an insurance solution provider specializing in payment systems.

In all that we do, we’re dedicated to reducing your overhead, increasing your profits, and improving your policyholders’ satisfaction.

Your business is selling insurance. Our business is ensuring that you have the freedom to do just that.