IVR Payment Processing

Large companies offer 24/7 call center and automated phone access to their insureds.  Primoris can provide these professional options to your insureds, with a dedicated toll-free number, complete branding and customized messages, and multi-lingual capabilities.

Our IVR (Intelligent Voice Response) system integrates seamlessly with our payment processing service, and delivers a consistent experience to your insureds.  The same policy information that we present online is also available by phone.  You set the business rules and amounts.

We can integrate with your current phone system, or operate stand-alone.  Either way, we streamline your call center operations, saving you time and money.

This is the ideal solution for customers that prefer to make payments over the phone.


  • Free up customer service representatives to answer important inquires

  • Streamline call center operations without additional resources

  • Save money on resources

  • A quick and easy way to accept payments


  • 24/7 access

  • Incorporate your specific business requirements

  • Integrate into your current phone system or a toll free number

  • Customize greeting and prompts

  • Multilingual options

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