Online Payment Processing

Customers expect flexibility and convenience from their insurance carrier.  

Our payment service is designed for insurance from the ground up.  Whether you already have an established presence on the Internet, or you are new to online technology, we can help you set up a professional, secure way for your insureds to pay online. 

Offering your insureds online payment options increases retention and customer satisfaction.  Our online payment gateways are 100% PCI DSS compliant and the credit card information stays in our secure system, and is never transmitted to your servers, so you don’t have to worry about compliance issues.  

Watch retention increase as you offer your insureds more choices by accepting credit card payments.


  • Make billing and collections more efficient
  • Increase customer retention by offering accessible payment options
  • Flexible models to either pass payment costs to your customers or absorb the cost
  • Reduce the cost of selling and servicing policies


  • Accept credit cards online through your website or link

  • Customize with your brand image

  • Recurring billing options give your customers the convenience of setting up automatic payments making billing and collections more efficient.

  • Set business rules for payment processing following insurance state statutes that can vary state by state or by product line

  • You control the amounts that are accepted and the business rules for payments

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